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$1,982 per week


Manufacturers plan, organise, direct, control and coordinate the operations of small manufacturing establishments.


  • identifying business opportunities, devising new manufacturing processes and determining products to be manufactured
  • developing business plans and implementing operational, marketing, human resource and pricing procedures
  • researching and implementing regulatory and statutory requirements affecting manufacturing operations and the environment
  • directing the activities of production, warehouse, distribution and other operating units
  • maintaining quality control systems for manufacturing, waste disposal, delivery and other procedures
  • coordinating orders for raw materials, supplies and equipment, and arranging packaging, delivery and wholesaling of products
  • overseeing the coordination of after-sales service
  • overseeing the provision of quotes for the manufacture of specialised goods and arranging contracts with customers
  • may devise and oversee the implementation of production run schedules.


  • stressful.

To become a Manufacturer

  • You need extensive manufacturing experience to work as a Manufacturer. While formal qualifications aren't essential, a Vocational Education and Training (VET) course in a related field may be useful.

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Skills employers are looking for

  • Communication Skills

  • Project Management

  • Planning

  • Budgeting

  • Building Relationships

  • Logistics

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