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$3,427 per week


Engineering managers work on construction or civil engineering projects. They manage engineering operations and issues within their project or organisation and look after related budgets.

They will often divide their time between an office and a work site.

Suits those with good practical and people skills and an interest in technical design. Close attention to detail and good problem-solving skills are helpful.


  • interpret plans, drawings and specifications
  • set up project schedules and budgets
  • implement engineering strategies, policies and plans
  • offer advice on engineering methods and procedures
  • ensure compliance with laws, regulations and safety standards
  • ensure quality, cost, safety, timeliness and performance standards are met
  • work with other professionals on construction and project design
  • oversee selection and hiring of engineering staff
  • oversee the activities of engineering staff.


  • stressful.

To become an Engineering Manager

Skills employers are looking for

  • Project Management

  • Communication Skills

  • Planning

  • Engineering Management

  • Budget Management

  • Organisational Skills

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