A male Research and Development Manager reviews a 3D printed prototype his team have developed

Research and Development Manager

Plan, organise, oversee and coordinate research and development activities within an organisation.


Research and development managers lead the research, planning and implementation of new programs and protocols for their organisation. They also oversee the development of new products or services.

Work is within an office environment, and travel may be required.

Suited to people with business and administration skills and the ability to work with accounting and statistics.


  • decide on research and development strategies, policies and plans
  • develop and implement research projects, priorities and targets
  • lead major research projects and oversee the activities of research workers
  • assess the benefits and cost effectiveness of research and development activities
  • interpret research results and recommend product and service development innovations
  • give advice on research and development options
  • monitor the latest developments in the industry and evaluate the implications
  • may publish results of significant research projects.

Occupation snapshot
$3,042 / week

To become a Research and Development Manager



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