A female Human Resource Manager has a discussion with her colleagues

Human Resource Manager

Apply programs and policies to create a productive and safe work environment for employees.


Human resources managers ensure staff suitability and staff wellbeing within an organisation through creating and managing employee programs and strategies. They also look after workplace relations and are responsible to guide the culture of organisation.

Work is in an office or the headquarters of their organisation.

Suitable for organised people who are good at planning and communicating with different kinds of people. Strong leadership skills and an ability to connect with others are helpful.


  • oversee and evaluate human resource management strategies, policies and plans
  • manage or advise on recruitment and retention
  • advise and assist in creating induction, training and development programs
  • set up performance management systems to help review individual and team performance
  • work with employers and unions over employment issues
  • organise support and counselling for staff members
  • develop programs for occupational health and safety; equal employment opportunity and other mandatory government compliances
  • manage the way employees are made redundant or retrenched.


  • stressful.

Occupation snapshot
$2,464 / week
Very strong

To become a Human Resource Manager



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