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Corporate Services Manager

Manage staff, finances and resources to support the day to day operation of an organisation.


Corporate services managers create and implement the strategies that govern the day-to-day operational activities of an organisation. They manage staff, finances and resources and oversee all operational activities.

Works is in an office, usually the headquarters of an organisation.

Suits organised people who can communicate clearly and confidently. Skills in administration, accounting and personnel management are important.


  • provide high level administrative, strategic planning and operational support
  • advise and manage financial matters and help with budgets and financial projections
  • develop policies, rules and guidelines for the whole organisation
  • offer advice and support to senior management
  • negotiate on behalf of the organisation and represent the company at public events
  • analyse complex issues and develop solutions in the form of plans and strategies
  • prepare reports and submissions about the organisation's resources and operations
  • help with staff management.


  • stressful.

Occupation snapshot
$2,783 / week

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